The Power and Water Division, a key Business Unit of the Company, has been involved for the past three decades in supply and EPC contracts related to Electrical Systems, Water and Waste Water Systems of the State of Qatar. This Division initiated during the inception of the company, has refined the capabilities and acquired adequate core competencies in the areas of Power Network and Water Systems to become major player in this segment.In the Power sector, the Division has been supplying a wide range of equipment, products and materials from reputed manufacturers catering to Generation, Transmission and Distribution segments. The division is a registered and qualified supplier with various Government Authorities and has a track record of all major supplies to the Power Authorities as well as Oil and Gas majors. The supply capability encompasses from LV systems on to MV, HV and EHV systems.


  • Power Transmission and Distribution Services (Equipment Supply, Repairs / Rehabilitation)
  • Power Generation Services(Auxiliary Equipment & Supply, Maintenance Services and Control System.)
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment Services
  • Engineering Services(Control System, Database & SCADA Development, Hardware & Software Engineering )
  • Engineering and Automation(Projects of any size -medium and large and across any type of Industries such as Petroleum, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Power, Steel, Cement, Paper, etc)
  • Renewable Energy (Solar Power Plants, Wind Forms)